The frame is only half of what goes into making a pair of glasses. The most important part is the lens. The lenses give you crisp, clear vision, to help you navigate your day as best as possible.  Junction Eye Center proudly offers the highest quality products available on the market. Whether you’re an adult, toddler, teen, or anything in between, we have just the right lens to help you see your best.


Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Do you suffer from tired eyes while working on a computer or staring at a screen all day?  Junction Eye Center recently added the Hoya Sync 5 and Hoya Sync which are anti-fatigue lenses that reduce eyestrain and headaches by helping you focus more comfortably throughout your day.


Bifocals and Trifocals

Bifocals and trifocals have two or three prescriptions, respectively, within the lens to correct your vision and different distances. A distinct line in the lens indicates where the prescription changes. These lenses are helpful for anyone over the age of 40 that needs wide viewing areas in their glasses.


Progressive Lenses (No-Line Bifocals)

Junction Eye Center carries a wide selection of progressive addition lenses. We offer both Varilux and Hoya products to provide you with top of the line options.  Here are some of the great Hoya and Varilux lenses we offer: 

  • Hoya iD lifestyle 2 Clarity is for you are in your 40’s and looking for your first pair of progressives.
  • Hoya iD lifestyle 2 Harmony is for you if you benefit from a  freeform design and are an experienced progressive wearer.
  • Hoya Amplitude is a great option for a progressive lens on a budget.
  • Varilux Physio is a great lens for farsighted people
  • Varilux Physio Enhanced is a digitally resurfaced lens that provides greater viewing for our nearsighted patients.
  • Varilux X series is the ultimate in reasonably priced progressive lenses, and we also carry the
  • Varilux Comfort is the most popular lens in North America and provides protection from potentially harmful blue light and clear, sharp vision. 




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